About UKNova

UKNova was originally created in 2003 to enable people to share British television programmes. Initially the site focussed on soap operas, but quickly grew to coverage a range of television and radio entertainment.

The main aim of UKNova is to enable people to see programmes they would not otherwise be able to watch, perhaps because they live abroad or have missed something they wanted to watch when it was broadcast live.

None of the shows that are available from UKNova are stored on our servers. The UKNova website does not itself ‘share’ any copyrighted material with anyone else. It simply allows people who wish to share programming to link up with one another, using the BitTorrent protocol.

It is one of the fundamental principles of UKNova that we do not wish to cause any harm to potential revenue streams for broadcasters and programme makers. For this reason, no television or radio programme that is available for purchase worldwide from retailers, on CD, DVD or video, is allowed to be shared on this website. Please do not ask for material to be uploaded here that is available to buy. Such material is not allowed.

UKNova is free to use. It is not possible to buy ratio bonuses, special privileges, or anything else like that. The site survives purely from voluntary donations and all donations go towards the costs of running the server. If you use the site and the service it provides, please try to contribute to the running costs by donating.

If you sign up as a member of UKNova and use the site, then you agree to abide by the Site Rules. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these rules before you start downloading. If there is anything you are unsure about, please ask in the forums or contact the Staff.